Invest in Wood Floor Finishing

Are your floors not what they used to be? Floors take a lot of abuse from the amount of use they receive. If you’re not happy with the quality of your floors, consider looking for wood floor finishing professionals in your area today.

Whether to have your floors sanded or screened

Wood flooring loses its sheen over time. Many professionals opt to sand it down and totally refinish it. However, this can be a costly solution. The better option is to have your hardwood floors refinished. Wood floors are coated with a clear sealant that gives them their shine. This coating becomes scratched and scuffed over time. Consider all the times you have moved furniture around, dropped heavy objects, or otherwise nicked the surface of your flooring. Even certain kinds of shoes can scratch the finish of hardwood coating. By choosing to refinish the wood you can get rid of all those unattractive nicks and scratches. Recoating is the way to go as it will ultimately cost you less money and lead to a better result.

Get the most of your resources

You are likely wondering how much money this process will cost you. It is a better financial decision to refinish the wood in multiple rooms instead of just one, in order to get the best use of your materials and resources.

wood floor finishing

Why you shouldn’t attempt to complete this process yourself

You might be considering trying to refinish your wood floors at home to save a few bucks. This is not recommended due to the time it takes to properly complete this job. Furniture will need to be removed to avoid stains and you’ll need to have the area sealed off for a least a few days. The chemical used to refinish the floors is not safe to breathe in for a long amount of time. Because of this, it is better to hire a professional team to get the job done and cleaned up as fast as possible.